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Common Animal Toxicities Seen at Westside Emergency Vet Part 1

Some food that humans eat and may consider to be safe, may not always be safe for our pets or animals. Examples include:

Chocolate is toxic to both dogs and cats. It is dose dependent which means the risk of a toxic

dose depends on: what type of chocolate was eaten (eg dark vs milk), the amount that was eaten and also the size of your dog. Depending on the dose, effects can include diarrhea and vomiting or even more severe effects such as heart problems and even death. It is important to never feed your pet chocolate.  


Grapes and raisins are another food that are toxic to dogs and cats. There is no known toxic dose for pets, some can eat one single grape and have kidney failure as a result, some may not have such severe effects. Since there is no way of predicting your pet’s response, it is advised to avoid feeding any grapes or raisins.   

Please note that this list is not extensive, if you believe your pet has eaten one of the above foods or you need advice on any possible food or toxin your pet may have ingested; please do not hesitate to call our emergency line on 6931 0095 available 24 hours 365 days a year. 

Call as soon as you note the toxin ingestion as the sooner you act and bring them to a hospital, the better the outcome for your pet.


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