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Veterinary Medical Imaging

Westside Emergency is equipped with the latest medical imaging technology and our team includes a dedicated  Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS). We also accept outpatient referrals from your regular vet here.


Our Medical Imaging capacities include the following:

-Computed Tomography (CT) services utilising a 2024 Canon 80 Slice Human grade CT Scanner

-Ultrasound services utilising 2024 Canon Aplio A Ultrasound that includes cardiac kit with ECG, pulse wave and continuous wave Doppler


-2024 Canon Aplio Go Mobile Ultrasound

-2024 Digital Radiography / X-Ray Machine and services

-A range of endoscopy capabilities

Please see the below for more information on each modality.



Minimally invasive technique that images the internal organs of your pet. Our Ultrasound equipment includes a Canon Aplio Go which is a small and agile battery powered unit for fast and easy use in any emergency situation.  We also have a dedicated ultrasound room equipped with a Canon Aplio A that  includes cardiac kit with ECG, pulse wave and continuous wave Doppler

Westside Emergency Ultrasound Services

-Same day delivery of preliminary findings for abdominal scans.

-Formal report from a board-certified radiologist/cardiologist by default  to ensure the  "best eyes" on your patients and nothing will be missed.

-ApliGate software technology that allows us to live-stream clinical images/video while scanning over platforms such as Zoom or  Microsoft teams for referring clinicians. 

-Quiet, dedicated ultrasound room with height-adjustable table, multiple sizes of VetSupreme positioners and mattresses plus dimmable lighting to ensure a calm environment for patient comfort.

Call us at 6931 0095 to book a session or to enquire about  our services.

Computed Tomography 

Westside owns and operates a brand new Canon Aquilion 80 CT scanner is an 80 slice scanner that offers the fastest scan time and highest quality images in a veterinary clinic within Singapore. Thinner slices allow better resolution for even the smallest patients and faster scan times means shorter, safer  GA/sedation for our patients.  

Uses and benefits of CT as an imaging modality


-Identification of tumor spread within organs, with high sensitivity for small pulmonary nodules/metastases. 

-Evaluation of joint surfaces affected by arthritis, infection, trauma or tumor invasion. CT is particularly  helpful in the diagnosis of elbow dysplasia.

-Diagnosis of spinal/spinal cord lesions.

-The best way to evaluate the sinuses, nasal and oral cavities for the detection of masses, old or recent fractures or foreign bodies imbedded in these cavities.

-General imaging of the head for the detection of any  skull fracture caused by head trauma, masses occurring behind or surrounding the eyes, and abnormalities involving the middle ear and its surroundings

Call us at 6931 0095 to book a session or to enquire about  our services.

Vet Emergency CT Scanner
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