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About Westside Emergency Vet

Westside emergency is a 24-hour emergency vet clinic located in Singapore. Our clinic has a sole focus of providing expert animal emergency and critical care. The purpose-built hospital is staffed 24-hours by our team who are practiced in emergency and critical care. This enables us to monitor your pet and provide suitable treatment at essential times.

We share a building and work in partnership with Landon Veterinary Specialists. The shared resources of Landon Specialists and around the clock care ensures gold standard treatment for your pet at Westside Emergency.

Does my pet require emergency care? 

Signs that your pet may require emergency veterinary attention include:

  • Severe vomiting, diarrhoea or loss of appetite

  • Toxin exposure (chocolate, lilies for cats, rat bait etc.)

  • Trouble urinating

  • Seizures

  • Trauma-related injuries (road traffic accidents, falling from building etc.)

  • Bleeding

  • Collapse

  • Bloat


If in doubt, it’s always best to have your pet assessed; even if only for reassurance that they are OK.

Our Services

Our hospital is staffed 24 hours 7 days a week to provide the highest standard of care for animals when they need it


No appointments necessary however a call will aid us in preparation for your visit


A nurse will assess your pet upon arrival


Please note that the most critical patients are seen to first


After the initial assesement, a vet will conduct a thorough physical exam

The findings of the exam and the treatment options will then be discussed with you


Once hospitalised your pet will receive round-the-clock treatment and monitoring by our dedicated team of vets and nurses

Our hospital is well-equipped for any diagnostic tests needed


If your pet is hospitalized, you can visit at the following hours :

11am - 12noon 

8pm - 9pm 


Meet Our Team

Dr Xiaojia Lee

Dr Xiaojia Lee



Dr Germain Lee

Dr Germaine Lee


Dr Jean Ong

Dr Jean Ong


Our team

Jane Tan
Emergency Vet Nurse

Kelly Tan

Kelly Tan

Emergency Vet Nurse

Lovel Sim

Lovel Sim

Emergency Vet Nurse


Ang Zhi Ying
Emergency Vet Nurse


Dr Chuah Ke Hui


Dr Katelin Tan


Chrystal Yang

Emergency Vet Nurse


Janice Chua
Emergency Vet Nurse


Aspyn Yap
Emergency Vet Nurse


Hannie Joy
Emergency Vet Nurse

Our Fees

Our Fees


Emergency Consultation: $165 

Public Holiday Consultation: $230


Please note prices stated do not include treatment or diagnostics costs.


For hospitalised patients, an initial deposit of 50% of the initial estimate will be required


Contact us


Operating Hours

24 Hours 7 days a week (incl. public holidays)  

Visiting Hours

Daily 11am -12noon and 8pm - 9pm 

41 Eng Kong Terrace

Singapore 599013

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