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Referral Services

Westside Emergency is happy to receive any referral cases for Emergency and Critical Care, Outpatient CT Services and Outpatient Ultrasound Services. Please call us at 6931 0095 or see below for more information.

Emergency and Critical Care Referral

Westside Emergency is happy to receive any referral cases from your clinic at all times during our operating hours for after-hours care. 

Referral Procedure 

1. Call us PRIOR TO THE REFERRAL to discuss the case you'd like to refer with our Emergency Vet on duty.
2. The Vet on duty will provide an estimate for the first 12 hours of hospitalisation here at Westside. Please pass this estimate on to your client prior to the referral. 

3. Let us know if you'd like the patient to be transferred back to you the next day, or continue hospitalisation at Westside Emergency if condition is still critical.

4. Forward the relevant patient history, radiographs/ultrasound images, and blood tests results to

5. We will send the patient's history from us to your clinic email upon the patient's discharge or prior to transfer back to you. For patients hospitalized for more than a day, we will send interim history for your perusal. 



Thank you for your referral, and we look forward to working with you. 


Outpatient CT Referral

The Westside Emergency Difference

Westside owns and operates a brand new Canon Aquilion 80 CT scanner is an 80 slice scanner that offers the fastest scan time and highest quality images in a veterinary clinic within Singapore. Thinner slices allow better resolution for even the smallest patients and faster scan times means shorter, safer GA/sedation for our patients.  Please call us at 6931 0095 to enquire. 

Find our Referral form here

Points to note:

Patients should be fasted for 8-12  hours before the appointment (often  from midnight onwards) unless patient's condition (eg. diabetic) does not allow them to.

As most cases will require a general anaesthetic, pre-GA blood tests and screening for GA risks is highly recommended. Should a patient arrive in a state unsuitable for GA, a consultation with an emergency vet will be required to discuss the risks.

CT report turnaround time is 24-48 hours by default unless otherwise requested/informed. 

Outpatient Ultrasound Referral

-Call us at 6931 0095 to book a session or to enquire about  our services.


The Westside Emergency Difference

-Same day delivery of preliminary findings for abdominal scans.

-Formal report from a board-certified radiologist/cardiologist by default to ensure the  "best eyes" on your patients and nothing will be missed.

-Dedicated ultrasound room equipped with a Canon Aplio A that  includes cardiac kit with ECG, pulse wave and continuous wave Doppler

-ApliGate software technology that allows us to live-stream clinical images/video while scanning over platforms such as Zoom or  Microsoft teams for referring clinicians. 

-Quiet, dedicated ultrasound room with height-adjustable table, multiple sizes of VetSupreme positioners and mattresses plus dimmable lighting to ensure a calm environment for patient comfort.

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