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Referring Vets

Westside Emergency is happy to receive any referral cases from your clinic at all times during our operating hours for after-hours care. 

Referral Procedure 

1. Call us PRIOR TO THE REFERRAL to discuss the case you'd like to refer with our Emergency Vet on duty.
2. The Vet on duty will provide an estimate for the first 12 hours of hospitalisation here at Westside. Please pass this estimate on to your client prior to the referral. 

3. Let us know if you'd like the patient to be transferred back to you the next day, or continue hospitalisation at Westside Emergency if condition is still critical.

4. Forward the relevant patient history, radiographs/ultrasound images, and blood tests results to

5. We will send the patient's history from us to your clinic email upon the patient's discharge or prior to transfer back to you. For patients hospitalized for more than a day, we will send interim history for your perusal. 



Thank you for your referral, and we look forward to working with you. 


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